H-T-Z Strategies

Holmes, Toomey and Zamarripa
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H-T-Z Strategies offers community colleges an award-winning team with demonstrated success in developing and implementing an effective advocacy program to educate and engage community colleges and the general community in support of budget and policy objectives at the local, state and federal level.

We do not replace professional, statewide association representation or interfere with in-house or contract lobbyists; instead we build and strengthen all efforts towards success.

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Senior VP and Creative Director of Berman and Company, James Bowers, confirmed what many believe to be true now more than ever: “Old-time lobbying doesn’t work like it used to…you have to lobby the public.” We take it one step further and argue that you need the public to get the results you want from your elected officials who impact your work for students today and in the future.

If you would like to explore how H-T-Z can help your community college, contact Karen.